Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dress Code Review

Bear River Middle School


This is the current Dress Code policy at BRMS. The administration would like to review this policy to reflect the values of the community.

A parent meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on May 1, 2014 in the Middle School Media Center.  We invite you to participate.


Student dress, grooming, and personal hygiene contribute greatly to the atmosphere of our school. Extremes in dress, grooming, and appearance which detract from the learning environment or cause hazards to safety and health will not be permitted. Body piercing other than earrings, extreme hair styles and/or colors, and costumes other than on dress-up days are strongly discouraged and will be asked to be removed. Facial piercings other than earrings are not allowed at school. This includes piercings in the lip, tongue, nose, eyebrow, or any other place other than the ear. Extreme hair colors include coloring one’s hair any color that would not naturally grow from the human head.

Most problems occur with boys and pants being too low. With girls it tends to be with plunging necklines, shoulders not capped and length of skirts. Clothing with sexual innuendos, offensive language, gang signs/symbols, advertisement of alcohol or drugs, guns or anything else that is deemed a distraction will not be allowed as well. Dresses, shorts, and skirts are to be of sufficient length and fit to be modest. In addition, bra straps may not be showing and sleeves must cover the top of the shoulder. Bare midriffs and plunging necklines that expose cleavage are not allowed. Pants must ride high enough to cover the buttocks and underwear. Also, spandex or other tight fitting shorts, pajamas, pants with holes above the knee, tight-fitting leggings only, or other clothing deemed inappropriate by school administrators will not be allowed. Any clothing which is considered gang-related, has chains, or is deemed distracting in nature will not be allowed. That includes baggy pants, bandannas, oversized coats, trench coats, etc. 

Students will be allowed to wear hats in the building until the first bell (7:45 a.m.). After the first bell they should be left in their lockers until the last bell (2:50 p.m.). Likewise, students may only wear sunglasses before the first bell and after the last bell. They may not be worn in or taken to class unless they are necessary for a medical condition. Students are expected to comply with the dress code whenever they are on school grounds or attending school functions.

Administrative Note - Dress codes are inherently subjective. Every effort will be made to be fair and consistent in their implementation. The administration and staff reserve the right, however, to be the judge of what is educationally disruptive, profane, inappropriate, or a safety issue.